Leelee our maple seed

2 years old. That’s how old Annalise is. two. the age of “i do it”, “again”, and “let me hold you.” Annalise is full of cute words and independence.

Her newest words are

~ “can I?” can i dink it mommy?, can I play wight der mommy?

~ “weally” It’s weally hard. dat helitopter is weally loud.

~ “Who dat?” Lisey points to people standing near us and asks, “who dat mommy?” at the park or grocery store I just use a generic term. But at parties where I should know people, I tell her their name, or ask their name. Which inevitably causes me to have a conversation with that person. Lise seems determined to change her introverted mommy!

~ all of her g’s are prounounced as d’s. It’s stinkin cute that she says, damma, dampa, and dabby!

Here’s a little clip from her birthday party:

When asked what her name is, she says, Leelee. Ava calls her maple seed.



She has a sense of humor, she’s timid, she’s polite, she loves to wear dresses, dance, and sing. She’s perfect! We love you Annalise. Happy 2nd Birthday!

One thought on “Leelee our maple seed

  1. Nancy

    What an adorable little girl Lisey is! I still don’t know where those 2 years went! I love the way she blew out her candles with purpose…not timid on that one! Jenn, we will all treasure these posts for many years to come. Thank you for taking the time to share all the precious little (and big) things Ava and Annalise do. They are priceless!

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