Co-Pilot Ava

Flew up to Cascade for a few hours to setup some wifi stuff at the cabin. I invited the girls as I usually do. Normally they decline but to my surprise Ava said she’d like to go. She flew us most of the way both legs despite needing a few more inches of height (even with a booster seat) to see over the panel. She even made two radio calls. Proud day for me to see her enjoying flight.


Fathers Day Weekend in Cascade

We went up to Cascade last weekend for Fathers Day. Stopped on the way up and picked up the boat. A cold front came in late last week and the weather really cooled off, so not quite warm enough to play in the water but just fine to do some fishing. We went out twice on Saturday and again on Sunday morning. The kids had a great time catching perch and trout around the reservoir.

Ava cast her line, caught and reeled in this fish all by herself.


At our best spot… right by the dam.

One of Annalise’s nice catches

Zulu getting in on the action

Farley is always very focussed when we get a fish on board.

One of the times we brought in two fish at the same time.

Caught this nice one by the Crown Point ramp on a worm.

Pulled over to the beach to let the girls and dogs stretch their legs.

Ava fishing the dock while waiting to go back out.

Lisey taking her nap out on the water.

We got a bit of rain on Sunday morning, fishing was slower but still fun.

Annalise taking us back to the ramp to pull the boat out and go home.

Breakfast in Hells Canyon

Spring has arrived, at least in the lower elevations so yesterday I flew up with a group in to Temperance Creek in Hells Canyon. Great weather and an awesome flight. Saw countless elk and bighorn sheep, but unfortunately I was too busy to get pictures of them as we flew by… so blessed to have a plane to get to some of these locations.

Two Shortwing Pipers and a Cessna in the back looking good

Panorama of the runway

Temperance Creek

Wayne rolling in

Cabins you can stay at