can ava play?

Something is very different at our house.

Is it cleaner? Not so much.

Did we get a new pet? Maybe. if you count the stink bug in the roly-poly house and the caterillar in the butterfly habitat. but that’s not really different, we always have a lot of unusual pets around here. (thanks nana nancy for the 100+ lady bugs!)

Did we replace our carpet with hardwood floors? i wish.

What’s different is that our shy little girl is suddenly a social butterfly! It’s a different that I am not quite comfortable with. but I’m getting there. Ava be-bops around the neighborhood and is making a lot of friends.

All of her playdates from birth until now have been very structured and planned. I know the parents and I know the kids. Now, Ava is always outside playing with someone. someone I don’t know. someone who’s parents I’ve never met! There’s a gladness and a sadness in my heart. I miss her. and I’m proud of her. She makes wise choices while with her friends, and always comes home to ask before going into someone’s house or their backyard. I am especially happy when her friends want to play at our house! I try to make them love it too, by offering fun activities and delicious snacks. She’s got one friend who only wants to play at his house. Ava has been gone at his house for up to 4 hours! Sometimes I try to make up excuses as to why she needs to come home. she’s not in any sports, dance class is over, we’ve already done our grocery shopping, there’s really no reason that she has to come home… “ava come home, annalise and I miss you.” somehow I don’t think that would fly with her.

We’ve entered a new chapter in parenting. and to be honest, i’m terrified.



10 thoughts on “can ava play?

  1. Hülya

    Jenn I loved reading this, and the picture she is running is awesome. Ava will have lots of chances and challenges to put her social skills in practice here. We have lots of kids around but they only speak Danish:) Love, Hülya

  2. rockin' alaska mom

    oh man! i would be a nervous wreck. i love watching my kids grow and be brave, but it also scares the smithereens outta me! way to go ava for taking a big step forward. and way to go jenn and scott for letting her do so. can you beleive our first babies are going to be in kindergarten?!! ahhhhh!

  3. Bayanihan

    Sharon I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you. I tried to load on far too much work last round, and buried meyslf in it!I will email you at some point soon, when I really feel I have the time to give you the attention you deserve although I will also completely understand if I flaked out too much for you, too! =DI feel like I lost touch with pretty much everybody last round. Something I am really enjoying this round is the breathing space to go visiting, and answer those who visit me, too. yours is definitely one of the blogs on my must visit list for this round! Again, thank you for the opportunity, even if it no longer exists.Shan

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