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our newest family members

If you know Ava, you know she adores her little raties. Unfortunately, sweet Skidders passed away on November 1st. This wasn’t a big surprise, since she was having some heath troubles. But life for Ava just isn’t complete without these little companions, and poor Ratsie had that big cage all to herself. She needed a playmate. We headed down to Zamzows and Ava found the sweetest blue rat. She immediately knew it was the rat for her.

Meet Josie


Ratsie died a couple of weeks ago. Both Ava and Annalise were really sad. We went to zamzows again, and Ava selected yet another rat! I don’t know if my heart can handle all of this! Overall, I think we give them good lives and our lives are enriched too.

meet Elsa:


Ava just started training these two. So far, Josie can come (but not 100% of the time). And Elsa can rollover. Elsa is a spunky little girl, and Josie’s pretty calm and cuddly.

Annalise with Ratsie

Annalise often tells me that she misses ratsie, and her eyes water when she thinks of her.

Ava with Ratsie

viva las vegas

love in las vegas. did you know that’s what viva las vegas meant? although las vegas isn’t my ideal vacation spot, when scott’s work offered to send him to a conference here, i jumped at the chance to go! I pictured myself lying by the pool sippin’ a tasty beverage. just me. yep. just me, a book, and my own thoughts.

2 days into the trip i finished the book, it’s way too hot to lay by the pool, and it turns out my thoughts aren’t very interesting. i miss my girls so much. it’s much more fun to see everything through their eyes. we’re staying at Mandalay Bay.. Ava would absolutely love the shark reef and the wave pool. Annalise would get a kick out of watching all the helicopters fly around right outside our window. but you know what the girls would love the most? the millions of escalators! oh how they love escalators. up and down, up and down, oh what fun. “oh excuse me sir, I’m sorry, my kids are very shelterd, just hold on while Ava gets up the nerve to step on the moving stairs without holding my hand.” yes, that’s what a nice mommy who misses her girls would say. in reality, i’m the tired, hairied mom that would say, “Ava, just go! There’s people behind you!” but for now, as well rested as I am, that’s the kind of mommy i’m going to imagine i am.

scott and i ventured down to the casino the first night. we put $20 into a slot machine, played for 2 hours, and walked away with $19. ya, we’re pretty risky. the second night, we went to a comedy show, played a couple of slots and only had $15 out of our $20 remaining. we decided our luck was down and cashed out. craps was really calling my name the third night.. but no way was i going to play at mandalay bay.. minimum bet of $10?? we went to the excalibur instead where the minimun was $5. i threw a whopping $20 bill on the table. an hour later, I walked away with $60. pretty sweet. Scott turned $40 into $69 playing roulette. when we went to cash in our chips, scott asked the gal if she could get a security gaurd to escort us out! really, he did. we were feeling pretty proud of our $59 win. Yep, the casino was hurtin’ that night.

tonight we are going to a variety show. not sure if I should try my luck at craps again. i’m sure last night was a fluke.

All in all, i am happy for the break and the chance to get to know scott again. my mom is an amazing grandma.. i know the girls are having a blast! but I am very excited to see those lovely faces tomorrow!