our newest family members

If you know Ava, you know she adores her little raties. Unfortunately, sweet Skidders passed away on November 1st. This wasn’t a big surprise, since she was having some heath troubles. But life for Ava just isn’t complete without these little companions, and poor Ratsie had that big cage all to herself. She needed a playmate. We headed down to Zamzows and Ava found the sweetest blue rat. She immediately knew it was the rat for her.

Meet Josie


Ratsie died a couple of weeks ago. Both Ava and Annalise were really sad. We went to zamzows again, and Ava selected yet another rat! I don’t know if my heart can handle all of this! Overall, I think we give them good lives and our lives are enriched too.

meet Elsa:


Ava just started training these two. So far, Josie can come (but not 100% of the time). And Elsa can rollover. Elsa is a spunky little girl, and Josie’s pretty calm and cuddly.

Annalise with Ratsie

Annalise often tells me that she misses ratsie, and her eyes water when she thinks of her.

Ava with Ratsie

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  1. lady tweet

    awww…totally cute new rats. such a coincidence you wrote about your rats. i have been meaning to do a post about roosafee (she’s not doing too well). i don’t think i can handle her dying…especially my kids’ broken hearts. you are so brave to take on new pets though. i thought about getting an ant farm but eventually decided against it cuz i just couldn’t handle one more “alive” thing in my house that i need to be responsible for. my kids need to meet elsa and josie!

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