Christmas 2013

Seems like 2013 flew by… hope you all had a great Christmas this year. We had a very blessed year and are looking forward to 2014. We all had a fun Christmas; we spent Christmas Eve at Jenn’s grandmother’s house, then Christmas at her parent’s house, then the day after Christmas at Scott’s parents house. Ava was super excited about Christmas this year, must be something that hits around 6 years of age.

Ava and Annalise, just before their Christmas Ballet performance:

Ava enjoying her Musketeer costume:

Annalise getting ready to dig in to her giant stocking:

The Cousins eagerly unwrapping Christmas presents:

Not really Christmas-related, but Farley had a good time ice fishing. This is her playing with a perch and trying to stay upright.

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. Nancy

    Cute Pics! Ava is the most adorable Musketeer I’ve ever seen! Farley is pretty cute too, and Lisey is a beautiful snowflake! 2013 was a blessed year for our family!



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