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wonderful words

Ava’s friend: Ava, why do you like God music so much?
Ava: I like it cuz i like the songs and they’re easy to sing.
friend: ya, and i bet you don’t like wearing shoes because Jesus didn’t wear shoes.


Annalise: (burps)
Me: do you know what to say after you burp?
Annalise: trick or treat


Ava eating a gumball: I don’t like green..i’d prefer reshreshing pink.


Ava: I’ll fix it.
Annalise: I’m so proud of you!


Annalise: Ho! Ho!
Me: are you santa claus?
Lisey: No, I’m Mary Christmas.


Annalise: I’ll help with the laundry mommy.



Ava: God probably put Lisey here for sleep. He put me here for school.


Ava: Mommy, the best thing I ever had is Lisey.


Annalise: I’m afraid of santa.
Me: why?
Lisey: cuz he says “ho-ho”


Ava showing her friend her pet rats:

friend: they’re both girls?
Ava: if we had a boy and a girl rat they would mate. then they would have 7 babies each time they mate so that means they would have 100 babies a year!


Annalise: Mommy, i spilled water on my leg.
me: is it a big deal or a small deal?
Lisey: it’s no deal


Ava: M-o-o-o-m, Lisey’s trying to control my mind.


Ava found the shopping list…


apparently it was missing a few things

Leelee our maple seed

2 years old. That’s how old Annalise is. two. the age of “i do it”, “again”, and “let me hold you.” Annalise is full of cute words and independence.

Her newest words are

~ “can I?” can i dink it mommy?, can I play wight der mommy?

~ “weally” It’s weally hard. dat helitopter is weally loud.

~ “Who dat?” Lisey points to people standing near us and asks, “who dat mommy?” at the park or grocery store I just use a generic term. But at parties where I should know people, I tell her their name, or ask their name. Which inevitably causes me to have a conversation with that person. Lise seems determined to change her introverted mommy!

~ all of her g’s are prounounced as d’s. It’s stinkin cute that she says, damma, dampa, and dabby!

Here’s a little clip from her birthday party:

When asked what her name is, she says, Leelee. Ava calls her maple seed.



She has a sense of humor, she’s timid, she’s polite, she loves to wear dresses, dance, and sing. She’s perfect! We love you Annalise. Happy 2nd Birthday!

Easter 2012

The kids had a great Easter. We were out in the yard (in pajamas) at 7:30AM looking for Easter Eggs. Annalise is a candy-head and wants to immediately open the eggs and eat their contents.