Ava’s in kindergarten!

When she was just a tiny baby, many well intended women would say, “cherish this time, it goes so fast.” Honestly, it didn’t go that fast. I feel like a bad mom saying so, but it didn’t. Of course I loved her and was in awe of her, but I longed for the days of no longer waking 3 to 5 times a night. The days when I wouldn’t be the ONLY one that can feed her. The day I wouldn’t have to change a diaper. The day I wouldn’t have to play Joseph in the Natvity story (we played this twice a day for a good 6 months.. maybe longer). I shouldn’t feel bad, cuz I know I’m normal. Any parent of an under 3 year old knows what I am talking about, and they are certainly not cherishing every moment. Looking back at her baby pictures I am surprised at how little she was, but still, fast would not be my descriptive word of choice.

Now that she’s in kindergarten, spending half her day away from me, I do feel time slipping away. I am starting to know what people are talking about. Suddenly, my time with Ava is more precious than ever. This is when time goes fast. I count down the days until Thanksgiving break (4 more school days!).

Thankfully Ava loves kindergarten.

Here’s a little chat we had while reading a story:
A: Why is the boy sad?
M: I think he’s missing his mommy. Do you know how he feels?
A: *silence*
M: Do you ever miss mommy when you’re at school?
A: No, but I sure do miss my teacher when I’m at home!

Obviously, she’s not looking forward to Thanksgiving break as much as I am!

3 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. rockin' alaska mom

    wow! ava looks so grown up! i totally understand about not cherishing every day. it’s totally exhausting, and i think our culture needs to emphasize and understand that more…so that stay at home moms don’t feel guilty when they just want to get away. for me though, it does feel like it has gone fast…but i think that’s cuz i’m so darn busy, i just don’t have time to stop, think, appreciate…or even complain too much.
    you should feel proud that ava loves school so much. she’s confident and loves her time away from home. that’s a great thing! i just finished the book “nurture shock”. i recommend it…great new read on parenting!

  2. Nancy

    Wait until you are a grandmother…time flies by faster than lightning! Seem like yesterday when I was playing peek-a- boo with Ava (in the bathroom mirror)! She will always be an exceptional young girl in my eyes. I can hardly wait to see what her future holds!

  3. Anonymous

    Jenn it is so emotional reading this post. Big very big hugs and kisses to all of you but especially to Ava for this special event. Love Hülya

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