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One week of puppyness

Well we have now had Zulu for 7 days, or 49 days in Dog Days. When he is playful he is an absolute terror wanting to bite your face off. He is sweet when he is sleeping. Starting to go on longer walks, he can go a mile now without much problem.

Zulu and Farley are starting to bond. For the first time they voluntarily layed on the dog bed together.


And they recently started “playing”. Farley plays the old grumpy dog, but we can tell she is really having fun and wagging her tail. She does put up with a lot though and the puppy is constantly grabbing a chunk of skin and pulling, or trying to rip Farley’s tail off. This is a sample of what she has to put up with:


Meet Zulu

We have been talking about getting a new pup for the last couple of months. Farley is still doing great at 10 years old and we wanted some overlap with a new dog so we decided to throw sense and practicality aside and look for a pup. There was a litter that was 7 weeks old in eastern Idaho so Jenn and I flew out to Burley yesterday to look at the dogs. Of course we came home with one. Meet Zulu, our new Brittany pup. We were both surprised that Zulu did so well on the flight home, mostly sleeping on Jenn’s lap. We made a couple of stops on the way home to grab lunch and fuel and give the dog a bathroom break as well.

Farley is not sure what to think. I think she isn’t sure if we are dog-sitting or if this new little thing is here to stay.


We are definitely in the mouthing/chewing/clumsy stage.

Ava’s been a great help, Zulu loves sitting on her lap and falling asleep.


He was pretty worn out last night but I’m sure will be a handful. Looking forward to the work and fun of raising him.


Christmas 2013

Seems like 2013 flew by… hope you all had a great Christmas this year. We had a very blessed year and are looking forward to 2014. We all had a fun Christmas; we spent Christmas Eve at Jenn’s grandmother’s house, then Christmas at her parent’s house, then the day after Christmas at Scott’s parents house. Ava was super excited about Christmas this year, must be something that hits around 6 years of age.

Ava and Annalise, just before their Christmas Ballet performance:

Ava enjoying her Musketeer costume:

Annalise getting ready to dig in to her giant stocking:

The Cousins eagerly unwrapping Christmas presents:

Not really Christmas-related, but Farley had a good time ice fishing. This is her playing with a perch and trying to stay upright.