Flooring… a few long days and a few sore legs

Last weekend our new flooring had arrived so it was time to get busy installing it. We put down about 400 square feet in the living room and hallway, and have about 200 square feet to go since we decided we will do the master bedroom as well. Just for fun I set a camera up on the wall to snap a picture every minute to make this time lapse video. We’ll be glad when we’re done!

2 thoughts on “Flooring… a few long days and a few sore legs

  1. errrrrica

    that was so awesome! farley’s bed was my favorite part. jenn, i remember long ago i complained about our hardwood floors, and you said i was lucky to have hardwood floors. your new floor looks spectacular!

  2. Nancy

    I got such a “kick” out of watching your floor video! Farley was a great supervisor!
    I LOVE the new floors!
    Love you all too,

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