Leaping Lizards

We had some nice fall weather this weekend so Ava and Scott went to the Hulls Gulch area to see if they could catch some lizards (we looked them up and identified them as native Northern Sagebrush Lizards). They are really quick and good at hiding in tiny cracks… deceptively hard to catch. We only caught a few after trying various methods but it made the trip worthwhile.

This one we named “Lightning”

Lightning was content sitting on Ava’s leg for a few minutes in the sun

Ava shows her joy holding the little guy

And finally he had enough and scurried back home.

3 thoughts on “Leaping Lizards

  1. erica

    ok, my kids watched this video about 25 times. jonas is upset that we don’t have lizards here to catch. they also want to know how you caught that lizard scott, so that we can see some when we are in idaho the next time.

  2. scott

    we tried lots of ways to catch them – barehand, a butterfly net, putting a cup over them. nothing was working because they are too quick. the only thing that worked is to spot them on a rock, watch them go to hide in a rock crevice, then stick a small stick in where they are visibly hiding and within grabbing distance, and pin them down for a second until one can reach in and grab them with fingers. they don’t seem nearly as afraid of sticks as they are of fingers.

  3. Nancy

    What fun! Ava….even though Nana hates snakes, I love lizards! They make very cool pets. We will have to go lizard hunting up at Horseshoe Bend sometime. Grampa and I have found 4 frogs in our garage up there this past week. They’re pretty cute too!
    Thanks for the cute pictures and video!

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